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        The multiaxial FN7325 measures force from 0-5 kN to 0-250 kN along three axes as well as the corresponding torque from 0-200 Nm to 0-7000 Nm. The FN7325 is simple to use and install and in many diverse applications circumvents the necessity of employing multiple single-axes units.  

        The FN7325 is a multiaxial sensors based on strain gages technology assembled in Wheatstone full bridges. Each sensor is able to measure up to 6 channels Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My & Mz which can be selected by customer, as example FN7325-M6-ZLM corresponds to a 3 channels (Fz, Mx & My) with a M6 sensor design.

        Multiple designs and options can be adapted to this sensor such as integrated amplifier (A1 or A2) or separated connectors or cable outputs. Its interfaces can also be modified to fit customer’s specifications. 

        With many years of experience as a designer and manufacturer of sensors, TE CONNECTIVITY often works with customers to design or customize sensors for specific uses and testing environments. 

        On request, Instruction documents can be provided to ease the selection and use of our sensors and provide helpful tips. 

封        裝:客戶(hù)定制 
量        程:5K~250KN(1~50Lbf) 
非  線(xiàn)  性:<±1%FS 
輸        出:±100~150mV(4V;±5V可選) 
特        點(diǎn):測量3個(gè)方向的力和扭矩,抗疲勞,最小的側向影響